Show #134 – UFO Show #1 with James Krug, Julia Mulligan & Sir Freddy Kowalo

UFOs, Area 51, Rosewell, Alien Abductions and so much more when UFO Expert James Krug is joined by Julia Mulligan, Sir Freddy Kowalo and Eric McKenna! Sit back, relax and take a trip down The Rabbit Hole with the crew!

Show #45 – John Ventre

**Friends, we take a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole with UFO Reasearcher, Author, Actor & Speaker, John Ventre!

John has served as the former State Director of MUFON and has made multiple TV and Movie appearances, including the History Channel’s ‘Hanger 1’. John shares his thoughts on UFO cases including Rosewell, Area 51 & S4, Betty & Barney Hill, Travis Walton & the movie ‘Fire In The Sky’, the Kecksburgh incident and much more. Buckle up and ride into the UFO & Paranormal world with John Ventre!