Show #142 – Dr. Matt Ryan

Dr. Matt Ryan returns to The Project. This round, the topics include how the concepts of capitalism and socialism are used and often misued, the financial viability of the Olympics and how the unique environments the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA have opereated in this year effect wagering markets. All this and more!

Show #52 – Danny & Zack w/Working Stiffs Podcast

Here’s The Show! My guests for EMp pOdcast #52 are Zack Taylor & Danny Polliard from The Working Stiffs Podcast!

Whew! What a Hilarious time! The boys give their takes on Podcastings, Gun Enthusiasts, the Culture of Being Offended, Why we Label Everything, Social Media Craziness and art of Dropping Marbles! And just a tad more!

Check It Out!